Residents and visitors alike benefit from the spectacular natural beauty of the Monterey Peninsula. The region’s ecologically diverse native landscapes, including undeveloped coastal dunes and wetlands, rocky shoreline, redwood canyons, Monterey pine terraces, and mixed hardwood flood plains are a major attraction for residents and visitors alike. The Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District was formed in order to preserve and protect as much of this natural beauty as possible for future generations.

Mission Statement

To acquire and maintain open space in the District for preservation and use, working with partners and the community, for public benefit, enjoyment and environmental protection.

Vision Statement

To be an inspirational, inclusive, respected, sustainable and valued open space district that collaborates with and serves the community and its conservation needs through interconnected open spaces, public parks, education and advocacy for the entire community.


The Board and staff of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District are committed to the following values:


We strive for a culture of openness and clarity in our communications and actions to benefit the community we serve, our partners and ourselves. Transparency is an essential responsibility of a trustworthy and respected public agency.


We are bound by a shared commitment to the District’s mission and vision, and recognize we are entrusted with irreplaceable natural resources and accountable to our community, partners and colleagues for their stewardship.  We conduct our business, individually and collectively, with integrity that inspires meaningful collaboration and exemplary outcomes.


We are committed to serving the public.  Board and staff are available and responsive to our community and in touch with their park and open space needs.  We initiate effective public communication and respond completely and respectfully to all inquiries.


We recognize that natural and cultural resource conservation is the unifying link between the places we protect and the programs we offer.  The quality of life in our community is enhanced by our mission and its effective implementation.  We have the responsibility to lead by example, inspire others and enhance the conservation ethic of current and future generations.


We are responsible for balancing community needs with those of wildlife and the natural communities on which they depend. We are committed to decision-making based on a firm understanding of our unique regional history and the sciences and arts that are essential to understanding the natural systems and the contributions they make to our community


We recognize that mission success is linked to effective partnerships.  We value our historic partners and conduct ourselves with integrity, sensitivity, reliability and unselfishly to our current and future mutual goals.  We foster new and creative collaborative partnerships and projects to better meet our mission and serve our community.