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Access Permits

NOTE: Permit applications are processed via the website, Monday through Friday, 12:00 - 4:00 pm, excluding holidays. Please do not submit same day requests.

Access Permits are required when specific District ingress or egress access has certain public use limitations (restrictions) imposed either externally or internally because of specific ownership, capacity, or regulatory condition attached to its public use. The following District Lands or facilities require access permits:

Before submitting an access permit application, you must agree to abide by the permit conditions and Regulations for Use of District lands. It is required that you read, understand, and accept all of the conditions that apply to the access permit.

Access Permit Conditions

In order to carry out its stewardship responsibilities and to adhere to applicable stipulations and restrictions for public access on private property, MPRPD has established the following conditions that apply to the access permits.  It is required that these conditions be understood and agreed upon in order to obtain an access permit.  Failure to abide by these conditions and appropriate etiquette may result in loss of access privileges.

Please be courteous and respect all private property.  Help us to be good neighbors to residents living adjacent to parklands by refraining from unnecessary noise and disruptions to the peace and tranquility to which they are accustomed.