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Proposed Dog Park

NOTE: Pets are only allowed at the Rancho Cañada unit of Palo Corona and currently MUST BE ON LEASH.


The Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District is launching the design of an off-leash dog park within the Rancho Cañada unit of Palo Corona Regional Park, among other improvements, based on the extensive public outreach during the Palo Corona General Development Plan (GDP) process completed in 2018. The GDP document and the project website is located at:

See concept design below.

Dog park design


Share your thoughts about the dog park! We need your help in determining the design, aesthetics, safety, inclusiveness, and functionality of the dog park. Please take our survey, to tell us how we can make the dog park a pleasant and safe experience for everyone. The survey should take about 8 minutes and if you would like to learn more or be involved in this process you may leave your contact information.

Dog Park Survey

The dog park survey is closing on July 31, 2021. If you have any questions or would like further information regarding the dog park project please contact the District at:


On March 1, 2021, the District and Ten Over Studio conducted a focus group onsite session with dog park community leaders who are passionate about developing safe spaces for dogs on the Monterey Peninsula. This productive meeting resulted in a preliminary list of design preferences, ideas for a funding strategy, and a plan for a public information and feedback campaign regarding the design of the dog park. Much of this feedback was used to develop a survey to elicit a wider range of public opinions about the proposed dog park.

Based on this feedback, a kiosk was erected at the proposed dog park site location with the proposed concept plan. Colored stakes have been placed at the corners of each dog park (large and small) to indicate boundaries to allow visitors to visualize the areas and size of the proposed sites.


The proposed design for the dog park is based on the GDP findings and a grassroots dog group input. The plan proposes areas for recreation, including fenced unleashed dog park(s) and additional parking. The dog park and gravel parking lot areas are to serve a dual purpose providing emergency staging support spaces for Monterey County (flood/earthquake emergencies) and CAL FIRE.

The proposed dog park design includes two separated and fenced areas:

  • Large dog area – 2 ½ acres
  • Small dog area – ½ acre
  • ADA accessible paths
  • Shaded seating
  • Water fountains for dogs and owners
  • Restroom facilities
  • Parking
  • Trails

The dog park will be open to the public at no charge in coordination with the daily use of the park. However, the District is pursuing a Proposition 68 Statewide Grant to finance the construction costs of the dog park, parking, support amenities and multi-use trails. Typical maintenance of the dog park will require the on-going support of the community and is expected to be conducted by an organized group of volunteers.

We are now working on designing this valued community project. We are asking your help by sharing your thoughts and desires for a dog park you would use. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey and provide us direction in developing your dog park!

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