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Parks & Preserves

You can visit any of the pages to access information about MPRPD parks and open spaces. You can also access information about public park properties operated by other governmental agencies within the region.

An Access Permit is required to visit the following parks:

General Park Regulations

HOURS:  Access is generally limited to daylight hours (sunrise to sunset).  No overnight use or camping is permitted in any District park.

PETS:  Leashed pets are welcome in select parks. Note: Not all parks allow pets.

FIRE/SMOKING:  Except in designated areas, fires, incendiary devices, any source of open flame, and smoking are strictly forbidden.

PARK RESOURCES:  It is unlawful to injure, damage, collect, harass, remove or disturb any cultural, historical, biological or physical object. Metal detectors and other collecting tools are prohibited.

HUNTING/FISHING/WEAPONS:  Hunting and weapons of any type are not allowed. Fishing is allowed only at locations and times permitted by the California Department of Fish and Game.

FOOD:  Food and beverages are allowed in most parks. Please deposit waste in trash and recycle bins. Where these are not available, haul out what you haul in.

TRESPASS:  For everyone’s benefit, obey all private property, boundary and closure signs.

BICYCLING:  Where bicycling is allowed, riders are required to wear helmets.

PUBLIC ACCESS:  Please note that there are specific rules and regulations that apply to individual parks.

For detailed information refer to the web page for the park you plan to visit, or send us an email for more information.