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The District has receives its funding from a ½ percent allocation of the property tax collected within the District. For every $100,000 of property value, the District receives approximately $5.00 for open space acquisition and operations. Also, the District has been extremely successful in obtaining grants from state and federal sources that have matched many local dollars.

In 2004, voters in the District approved a ballot measure creating the MPRPD Parks, Open Space and Coastal Preservation benefit assessment district. The voters agreed to an assessment of approximately $22/yr. per single family dwelling equivalent in order to provide funding for MPRPD to continue preserving and protecting parks and open space within the District for a fifteen year period.  The benefit assessment expired in Fiscal Year 2018-19 but to replace it, in 2016 voters approved a new Community Facilities District to continue to provide the District with much needed funding, beginning Fiscal Year 2019-20, at the rate of roughly $25/yr per single family dwelling.

This page contains information about the financials of the District, including budget, audited financial statements and more.  Click on any of the blue links to open a document.


Adopted Budget, FY2024-25Adopted Budget, FY2023-24Adopted Budget, FY2022-23


Financial Statement, FY2022-23Financial Statement, FY2021-22Financial Statement, FY2020-21


Reimbursement PolicyReimbursement Report, FY2018-19Reimbursement Report, FY2017-18Reimbursement Report, FY2016-17