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Blomquist Open Space Preserve

Blomquist Open Space Preserve is an isolated and rugged District land in the remote, upper reaches of the Tularcitos Creek watershed, about 9 miles beyond the Carmel Valley Village and 2.5 miles north of Carmel Valley Road.


The 640 acre preserve was once owned by Andrew Blomquist, Jr., known to everyone as Ben. Ben inherited the land from his father Andrius, who settled in the Carmel Valley in 1885 after emigrating to the United States from Sweden in 1867. Having seen the rural character of Carmel Valley change over time and realizing the value of open space, Ben decided that he did not want to see his beloved ranchlands divided into building lots. In his will, he instructed that the property be given to a tax-exempt organization for limited public use. In 1982, Ben’s estate gifted the ranchlands to the District. To honor Ben’s 93 years in Carmel Valley and his visionary conservationist ethic, the District named the old ranch the Blomquist Open Space. Adjacent to the new open space, and still remaining at the time, were another 7,000 acres of the original Blomquist Ranch.

Nestled deep in the valley adjacent to a working cattle ranch, the 640 acre preserve is a sanctuarial paradise with extensive oak woodland, chaparral and grasslands. Home to a wide variety of animals including bobcats, mountain lions and mule deer as well as the western bluebird and California quail, the preserve is the epitome of open space.

Public Access:

Blomquist Open Space Preserve remains closed for resource protection purposes until further notice. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Administrative access to the preserve is through neighboring private property. Right to pass is by permission and subject to control by the private property owner. Violators are trespassing and subject to citation.